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26:21Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor Part 7
Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor Part 7Skatījumi 701 tūkst.Pirms 12 Stundām
23:30Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor Part 6
Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor Part 6Skatījumi 811 tūkst.Pirms dienas
26:20Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor Part 5
Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor Part 5Skatījumi 885 tūkst.Pirms dienas
24:21Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor Part 4
Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor Part 4Skatījumi 962 tūkst.Pirms 7 dienām
23:15We Have Some Unfinished Business!!!
We Have Some Unfinished Business!!!Skatījumi 794 tūkst.Pirms 7 dienām
26:10Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor Part 3
Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor Part 3Skatījumi 946 tūkst.Pirms 7 dienām
22:33The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 91
The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 91Skatījumi 709 tūkst.Pirms 14 dienām
23:38Goonzquad Goes To Mexico!!!
Goonzquad Goes To Mexico!!!Skatījumi 723 tūkst.Pirms 14 dienām
29:18Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor Part 2
Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor Part 2Skatījumi 1 milj.Pirms 14 dienām
23:17Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor!!!
Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor!!!Skatījumi 1,1 milj.Pirms 21 dienas
22:53The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 90
The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 90Skatījumi 799 tūkst.Pirms 21 dienas
26:31The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 89
The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 89Skatījumi 762 tūkst.Pirms 21 dienas
23:17The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 88
The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 88Skatījumi 752 tūkst.Pirms 28 dienām
26:46The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 87
The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 87Skatījumi 782 tūkst.Pirms Mēneša
21:16The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 86
The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 86Skatījumi 701 tūkst.Pirms Mēneša
24:21The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 85
The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 85Skatījumi 742 tūkst.Pirms Mēneša
23:26The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 84
The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 84Skatījumi 749 tūkst.Pirms Mēneša
25:33The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 83
The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 83Skatījumi 781 tūkst.Pirms Mēneša
25:34The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 82
The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 82Skatījumi 734 tūkst.Pirms Mēneša
22:54The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 81
The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 81Skatījumi 730 tūkst.Pirms Mēneša
25:18The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 80
The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 80Skatījumi 723 tūkst.Pirms Mēneša
24:55The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 79
The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 79Skatījumi 886 tūkst.Pirms Mēneša
24:37The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 78
The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 78Skatījumi 724 tūkst.Pirms Mēneša
22:08The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 77
The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 77Skatījumi 701 tūkst.Pirms Mēneša
23:49The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 76
The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 76Skatījumi 722 tūkst.Pirms Mēneša
25:12The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 75
The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 75Skatījumi 759 tūkst.Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
23:25The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 74
The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 74Skatījumi 747 tūkst.Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
23:13The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 73
The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 73Skatījumi 774 tūkst.Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
24:10The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 72
The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 72Skatījumi 770 tūkst.Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
23:58The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 71
The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 71Skatījumi 780 tūkst.Pirms 2 Mēnešiem


  • The truck looks performance blue, not velocity blue...hopefully the right code?

  • Corvette build next?

  • I would love to see you guys do a c7 corvette next those cars look absolutely gorgeous 😍😍

  • Definitely paint the rear bumper to match the white of the car.

  • Yeap late in the morning

  • 22:50 the hellcat meandoggin the Ferrari 😅

  • I'm just trying to figure out which car is the fastest that they have.

  • That’s Polish crepes called Nalesniki, my moms makes it lol

  • You boys are so positive. Its refreshing. Watching all the way up here from Toronto Canada. We gather a bunch of fellas drink some Canadian lagar and watch your vids. Keep em coming !!!

  • Dark colored plumbing metal piping would work and be sturdy to hold the lighting, and could even be installed a little higher up.

  • Daaaaaannnnnnng son! U need to leave that carbon fiber bumper like that 💪🏻🥵🔥 , and a tire machine too !!!!! No more outside road trip to put tires haha 🤝👋🏻

  • That merch fire

  • 7:10 we have a report for drinking and driving

  • id just replace that little apilar area, i mean you do have the part

  • Nearly two years and no update

  • On the way to 100k...🤣

  • That crepes are called Nalisnikiy. FYI

  • I love that Ferrari

  • Why is the older brother always driving

  • They have like 5 trucks 😂

  • did you guys get new video equipment? The video is EXTRA clear.

  • What happen to this build

  • Leave it

  • Top trabalho de voces

  • when they open up the tracks you guys need to go !!!!!!!!

  • "Were gonna tuck this helicopter in here behind our Ferrari" "that Huracan is more of a daily driver" sounds good guys

  • 😵🤫, don't tell dad that I spill blue paint on the garage floor, lol

  • 24:58 that ferrari always give a smile on my face dude...plzzz don't sell it #DaanngSon

  • What the hell happened to the Fersure Ferrari?

  • You guys should of put a flat bed on it

  • leta get 100k likes lets get him his red hair :D

  • It so good to see the Ferrari on the road again after months of just sitting collecting dust.

  • biker dreamt of the day he races a ferrari

  • Great build love seeing all the family and pets enjoying life , What happened to the new puppy dog ?

  • Bro. Keep the carbon flex. screw the factory look. Just keep adding carbon. Go watch @streetbandito for fabbing carbon fiber and carbon kevlar. Seriously. You guys should get a kit from @fiberglast and do an on camera learning how to make carbon fiber parts.

  • Need more likes I want too see the hairs

  • Fun fact about ford’s vehicles in 2019+, you should be able to remote start, lock, and unlock it from the Ford pass app

  • No plates, probably no insurance, these guys are an accident waiting to happen

  • Oh shit. The house series is finally done!! Dude why’re you so overly animated when you talk.. dude chill, seriously.. I hate when channels get big and become cornballs.. stradman being a prime example, be yourself. I hope this never happens to boostedboiz or cleetus

  • 19:30 nonono, please paint it body color

  • Let’s get the boys to 100k & make that hair red 😂💪🏽

  • How do you sell this many vehicles?

  • chetoo version of dressing looks cool 🤣🤣🤣

  • How did you guys start with making these cars

  • Whatever happened to the custom super car build and the drift car

  • They should try harder to get the history on some of their vehicles. If they had history on who the owner was and what happened in the wreck that brought the vehicle to them. Also get back to being a little more detailed in what they are actually doing. The 30 seconds of working on the vehicle and then 2 or 3 minutes of talking is no bueno! Usually end up fast fwd through all the talking lately. 20 min vid usually takes me about 10 min to watch. Let's see the work!! That's why we watch because were to lazy to do the work ourselves :)

  • Love seeing your Mom and Dad on the videos. Let them help if they can, will keep them young.

  • Does Mr. Beast deliver to Ireland?

  • A couple of things. 1- The extend cylinder is most likely not working for lack of fluid. 2- When the driver was pulling it off the trailer, it looked like the rear wheels where tilted in (camber) which means you are most likely gonna have to change the king pins. that would explain the hard turning he had after it was brought off the trailer and the tire wear. Nice unit !! Good luck!! Parts are easy to come by. If you need anything quick, i'm in atlanta and can get all you need here..

  • the dot number on the tire will give you the age of the tires

  • you have amazing parents

  • fix something from whistlin diesel

  • Freaking sick those wheels

  • Seriously, Ive been watching for a long time now, why is it only one of the boys does all the work??? What does the other guy do?

    • Talks too much! But he's the videographer. I believe he does all the vids and edits everything. He does a really good job using just an Iphone. No other crazy cameras. They have done ton a vids all with just their Iphone.

  • Wide body R8 build please 🤟🏾🤟🏾

  • Need an “looks absolutely amazing” t-shirt since thats what is said about everything

  • I know it’s a lot of work especially since they want to sell it but a color transformation to that Ferrari red would look phenomenal 👀

  • That Ferrari is super sick ‼️ #Goonzquad 😎🤙

  • Pls DON’T SELL THE 458 it’s TOO ICONIC🙏🏻.

  • You guys should ceramic coat those wheels to keep them looking SICK😎👌🏻.

  • Your Mom is Awesome Dudes, also your Pops isn’t bad either. Lol.........😛

  • You guys need to do a RAM TRX

  • 👍🇵🇱✌️😉

  • Should have used the boom extending to push it back at the same time

  • please do more and speak less

    • I thought I was the only one that thought that!!

  • I’d take that Ferrari over the lambo allday for Ferrari

  • Tyres inside out on one of the wheels

  • Млинець looks delicious 😋😋😋

  • 2 minutes of job and 21 minutes of talking ????

  • Not going to paint the bumper?

  • When they said “bussin” I knew.... they could come to the cookout, I approve 🤌🏾.

  • 42k more likes . Get the hair dye, lol

  • nice build! "6point starbit" = torx :D

  • Goonzquad did you not painted the bumper of the Ferrari in the Ferrari video is painted

  • MS3s are really nice. Can get 400 hp easy with a COBB tune and Accessport, and the torque is good too imo.

  • I misss audi a7

  • Not Drivin your car to keep value up is like not having sex with your woman to save her for the next guy

  • Wrap the Ferrari in carbon fiber! Be sick

  • 1:30 does anyone know the name of that music?

  • Boys, do remember something, "America" is the whole land, all the 3 continents, North, central and South america, so.... when you want to adress your homeland, is "United states" or "EUA", Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Porto Rico, are also "america", Greetings form Brazil, HUGE FAN here !!!!!