The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 66

Publicēšanas datums 26 jan 2021
We finally made it to having permanent water!!! We started digging a bunch of trenches and also we had the well guy finish setting up the entire filtration system. All we have left to do plumbing wise is the septic lines and all the faucets. Now that we have the water out of the way, it is time for the electricians to finish up trimming out the house with receptacles and a few light fixtures! We are super happy with the progress cant wait to do some landscaping!!! Thanks For Watching!
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  • you should definitely make a drone shot where you see all the water en power lines so that if you ever wanna start digging you can make sure you dont dig into those lines

  • Aweosme man I love this house I can’t stop saying it and I’m not going to be living there and damn bloOdy sweet so much has been accomplished in those house build you guys have learnt so much I hope too do the same when I get my own home maybe even a holiday home in California and Fizaz is a popular saying in Britain 😃 and that view is breathtaking and feeding the pipe looks so fun guys I want to do it I love playing in the dirt yoo

  • I'm so glad you went with a yard hydrant! You should also install one for your future garage. Not to be picky, but your bury depth on the yard Hydrant was wrong...should of been longer, so you wouldn't have to bend over to use it.

  • You guys need leds on all your equipment

  • what measures are you guys taking to keep your water from freezing up in the water house? Did the installer give any pointers?

  • I’m so glad they didn’t stick with that “vertical ship lap” read: paneling 🙄 idea

  • Enough with the house. Get back to the cars.

  • *"Its a special order"* lmao Pops! 😁👌

  • 18:40, it's morgan jones :)

  • Yep ... You sure don't want a leaky house.😂

  • Goor

  • The music was dope in this video. Badass song

  • Goonzquad renovations 😭 i want to see some cars being fixed it went from a lit car channel to a house build channel loved it at first now im ready for cars again please boys get bk to the cars

  • Buy Streetspeed717’s Ram TRX!

  • 3:00 make sure you fill the tub with water before you tile the tub, if you use a step over tub. Helpful insight

  • Great video.

  • Yay! It's almost time to move in! As a subscriber and fan I feel like I'm part of the Family! lol... very distant cousin.. They really connect to the viewer! Amazing work ethic, i cant wait for the next project!

  • Just realized you guys say dude a lot lol I do too

  • I would've waited to bury the water lines until you know you had proper pressure and no leaks and all just to avoid any back tracking.

  • Epic dudes

  • Don't know who does your editing but they need some credit. These episodes wouldn't be as great without the editor. Thanks for taking us for a ride in your life and watching you guys grow and learn.

  • A copper waterconnection underground with no protection? thats gonna taste nasty when it strarts to oxidize..

  • well one more last thing guys just get you the smile a little bit it definitely good to see your pubs and all your videos and your mom and a little bit that she is

  • You guys are doing a great job keep it up and you guys get done with that be great to see you guys get back to your bills or whatnot or your garage that'll be a fun build for you guys you guys are definitely keeping your parents proud of you and that's a good thing once again guys good job

  • BLUE PIPE? POLYBUTALINE? Let's pray it's PEX.

  • Where's chief

    • The Doberman Pinscher puppy named 'Chief' no longer appears on the channel and is now living elsewhere. His Agent was unavailable for comment, but it is likely that the canine star and Goonzquad could not reach agreement on the increase in fees that would be payable for the new season. Dobermans are notoriously shrewd negotiators, but in this case he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

  • filtration system is not really setup properly, however it is not bad plus you boys did not properly identify or explain the filters properly, i assume the 1st filter has catalytic carbon and the second has the softener, since greensand requires kmno4 for regen or cl2

  • ✌👍

  • Shoulda got a 5 stage HALO filtration device. It makes the water taste like heaven.

  • Driveway going to be concrete or asphalt?

  • Don't forget to put a pressure relief valve on your RV so you don't blow your water system up on your RV

  • That water line is mos def gonna freeze

  • What going happen to the other property you bought

    • The one acre commercially zoned site on the southern outskirts of Downtown Chattanooga is to be developed as soon as Goonzquad have the time available. It is likely to include a Workshop for carrying out vehicle projects, a Garage, and possibly a Vehicle Sales facility (subject to necessary Licensing).

  • I wish I had such a family..... 😋 But am African so wishful thinking 😂

  • Amateur DIY channel, I cannot believe that they have not lost all their subscribers yet. Boring BS. Get back to exciting car builds of just give up this LVcd thing, it's not going to work out well for you, by the time the house and workshops are done, your LVcd income will be gone and you will need to start all over convincing people to watch. Wake up Boy's.

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Iron filter, water softener and the UV light sterilizes the bacteria not kill it

  • It’s official, I’m bored by this New Goonsquad some other bugger to do it and get the garage built!

  • I think I've had enough of the house now. Longing to see the new garage coming up and some new builds too. Not to mention the Robinson 22 helicopter and the bro's taking their license to fly that thing!

  • Go to the R.V. store and get the White fresh water hose , it's food grade , the green hose is not food grade

  • Back in the days this channel used to be about cars... Back in the days guys were into 66 videos about building a shed...? and people actually watching and liking it...? other times...

  • Make it rain!

  • no isolation on the waterlines in the ground??

  • Hey guys, I know that the camper is your brothers but if were my project I would add a dump line for the camper while you are adding the sewer line.

  • What is Sheetrock ?

    • @Targeted For Death Gypsum is a naturally occurring material which is mined out of the ground, refined and then used widely in building work as a soft plaster which is relatively lightweight. It is also used in agriculture as a fertiliser, in the making of paper, brewing beer, and even in foodstuffs such as bread. Versatile stuff!

    • @John Stedman Ha i don't even know what gypsum is

    • It is a Registered Trade Name for a type of plasterboard produced only by the United States Gypsum Corporation. However, the word 'sheetrock' is often wrongly used to describe any material of that kind. The correct generic word is 'drywall' in some countries and 'plasterboard' in others.

  • Great success.. Empire Legacy Corp 🇳🇦

  • I would put pvc pipe down first and run the blue water pipe in to it so if later there is a problem it can repair with out digging up the front again. 👌🏾✌🏾

  • Guys, I realise that you live in a rural area, however it would have been prudent to prepare for Fibre To The Home. You already have a digger, so it would not take too much more investment to dig from the house, down the private track until it meets the public highway. Laying in some conduit and building a few maintenance foot boxes along the length of the run would not be beyond your skill sets. This way, when your local operator passes a fibre spur past your property, then they should provide you with a fibre splice and then you could enjoy super fast broadband and set up a true smart home. I doubt if you will be able to enjoy 5G speeds given that you are outside any major business hubs.

  • One Bottle is a Sandfilter, the other Bottle is an ionic Filter for the Hardnes in the Wellwater. Maybe ist a Filtermaterial for the Hardnes, Mangan and Iron. This ist realy cool and i am working every Day with this Systems. Assembling and maintaining these systems is my job and it is the best job I can imagine, as water is the most important good on earth. Guys you become the best from the best, gratulations. Best greetings from Germany

  • They flex everything they have! 💪🏽 even the soil

  • PVC should not be used for potable water for a house. They should have used CPVC !!!!

  • Haha, i feel sorry for you bro the same intro day after day after day :D

  • Daaang soooon y’all got a salt lick in a bucket.

  • Do the boot scraper come in carbon fiber? 🤔 🤣

  • This channel used to be about cars with great success. Now It is a construcción channel, just have a look at the latest 66 episodes..... what a pity, I really miss the car content that I enjoyed so much.

  • What is up guys! Welcome back to the channel...

  • Looking forward to the next 80 episodes of this lame ass series lol squeeze that money you goonz

  • Ni inslulation on the water pipe? I would dig in a bigger pipe, and put the smaller pipes in it, you never now if you want to put in more pipes or electrical stuff, or fiber optics/network cabbe. That pumphouse Looks like a pretty decent place to have like a media server.

  • My next build will have access panels behind each shower valve. I have run into problems where I had to add an access afterwards. It is easier while doing the build. Doesn't look great, but saves a headache.

    • When we design houses and apartments we usually place bathrooms and shower rooms back to back, with a services duct in between. It's a similar arrangement to that used in most hotels, and means that plumbing, WC cisterns, ventilation ducting, pumps, valves and all other related items are easily accessible without having to cut into walls or damage finishes. Clients, Patrons and Users prefer such forward planning to the alternative of 'making it up as you go along'.

  • If you guys want concrete work, id recommend increte its based at the foot of lookout mountain, they've done some of the concrete work in Chattanooga to

  • You 'd rebuild a ALFA ROMEO GIULIA QV

  • Dudes! Love the channel! Had a quick observation. The pex in the ground...I had to run mine (to our barn) in a conduit. The grey 1in plastic stuff at HD. They also ran a strip of metal tape across the top of it so they could find it again with a metal detector. They also ran an extra string inside the conduit in case we wanted to run cable or something else through it after it was all buried. Looking forward to the next video! 😀

  • Thanks for all the hard work you do for us Dudes. We all appreciate it!

  • Like your videos, but please start changing the words a bit. People my end up getting tired of the same start and end lines in every single episode. Good luck!

  • With that high pressure from pump house, dont forget to put a 40psi pressure regulator on your trailer hose connection. I learned the hard way with a flooded trailer.

  • my ssix year old son love watchinng your videos

  • You REALLY need to make longer videos!

  • If I built a house... I would check for water leaks (and possibly electrical shorts) before putting the drywall up, but it seems to have worked out for y'all

  • Shipping costs for the bootscraper 3000 to Germany? :D

  • Wife wants to know where you all from

    • The parents, Yury and Lyudmilla, emigrated to the USA from Ukraine. Their five offspring, including Simeon and Eleazar ('Goonzquad'), grew up and were educated in the States of Tennessee and Georgia.

  • Is the pump house heated so the pipes don't freeze during the winter months

    • As long as a power outlet is available in the Well House, it would be a simple matter to provide a small space heater with a built in thermostat to make sure that the ambient temperature inside would never drop below freezing point.

  • You guys must go throw a lot of sweaters lol

  • Now I expect to see "y'all did the water lines wrong" comments.

  • Hope you guys ran it deep enough under the permafrost line so your lines don’t freeze

    • @Mr. Worldwide Yes, Frost Lines vary greatly across the USA, from as deep as eight feet in northern Minnesota to zero (!) in southern Florida. This is a general guide however, and much depends on altitude. The Goonzquad HQ House is 1,475' above sea level, so frost would be unlikely to penetrate more than 12" there, but parts of Tennessee are over 6,000' high, so that would need much deeper water pipes. Here is a map which shows the wide range of frost depths experienced across the USA:

    • @John Stedman wow didn’t know it was that shallow there, here in NYC we go atleast 4-6 feet down

    • The 'Frost Line' in that part of Hamilton County, in the southern part of Tennessee where the 'HQ House' is located, is 12" below ground level, according to the Chattanooga Building Codes. It would however be wise to lay water mains at least 18" or 24" deep (depending on soil characteristics) to prevent vehicles crushing the pipes.

  • If you guys are going to hookup the hose to the RV, Please make sure you use a RV Brass Inline water Pressure Regulator.

  • What about the cars I thought this channel was about cars not building house🙄🙄

  • love everything you guys are doing ...but i miss you guys working on cars....

  • “We had Mr. David out” that’s why I like watching you guys. Great content and genuine dudes! 🤘🏼

  • Things are a lot different in WA. We could never run our own septic. Has to be licensed professional or you would never pass inspection. Water lines under ground have to be a much tuffet poly pipe! And we never could put up Sheetrock without having water pressure test to all plumbing pipe.

    • Codes vary throughout the USA, as any architect or contractor who has developed projects nationwide will attest. Although most States base their Building Regulations on a standard document, it is always necessary to acquaint oneself with every relevant detail of the Rules at a location before designing, budgeting or investing resources in a potential site. Ignorance of the Law is a weak Defence.

  • Long time subscriber but never commented. You guys are great. Hard working and intuitive. Want to reach out about your front entry at the new Goonzquad headquarters. I work for a design build steel company and would like to help design an appealing entrance to your new headquarters if you dont already have that in the works. Let me know Im sure you get this stuff all the time but im not looking for recognition just like what you do, no strings other than cost.

  • Shiplap is already a phased out trend.

  • Great dang on episode. El lectrics, water, to the house and camper! TBH, I'd love to see the mud scraper 3,000 up on the merch site. I also can't wait to see y'all put down some gravel and reduce some of that mud. Hope that all is well. Stay on it!

  • I hope when you guys Complete The House you will let us know what your costs were.

    • The fifteen acre site (including the partly complete house) cost $360,000 in summer 2020. Expenditure on some aspects of the building works has already been disclosed, but much of the work has been carried out in an atypical manner, with product placement deals, covert and overt advertising, discounts and sponsorship deals that an average developer could not obtain. There is also the matter of how the value of the time spent working on the project by family members is accounted for. Many of these costs would in any case be likely to be regarded by Goonzquad as business secrets.

  • I didn't see any drain lines being laid for the filters in the pump house. The sand filter on my pool needs back flushed to clean it so I am guessing these filters will need back flushed too. Also use salt specifically formulated to remove iron. Even with those filters it would be a good idea. I have filtered well water ( not filters like those) but still have rust in the water.

  • that pipe is blue poly not blue pex

  • Should have setup the water pipe for where the garage will be?!?!

  • What about the Jeep can’t wait and see what you do to it. Doing great keep up the good work you guys.

  • I sell Campers for a living and you definitely need to use a water regulator on the camper. The water pressure from the hose can bust out pipes and fittings.

  • Hire some people. Get the ball rolling. Get started on your garage, talk more about the helicopter and cars. I’m not sure if you’re snaking us and just straight up moving to to house renovations and builds. I wish only good for you guys though.

  • Pops MVP, give him his own segment

  • To make it easier laying down the Pex Piping, just roll it out it stays straight and you don’t have to struggle with it trying to straighten it out! Hope this helps!💪🏼💪🏼

  • You gotta put white caulking under the stair treads on top of the sheetrock

  • Can’t wait till you guys are living there doing some awesome projects

  • Water softener uses ion exchange. The resin is coated with salt. The calcium ions are swapped for sodium ions. Hard water is exchanged for salty water. The harder your water is, the saltier it will be. The iron filter is before softener. Softeners hate iron.

  • Say it with me, "S-Cavader".

  • What the fuck does this video have to do with landscaping as your heading says!!!!

  • Car builds are awesome but this has been more awesome watching y'all hook up your house. Can't wait for the landscaping and shop build...

  • your show head looks low in that bathroom

  • might have ran a copper wire from well house to the home to help search future line repairs or digs

  • you could attach a hose to the upstairs vanities and lead that hose outside to check water running upstairs. MAN this place is B....E.....A....UTIFUL!