The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 85

Publicēšanas datums 14 mar 2021
We made it to the final count down!!! All we have left on this house is a few little things that we wrote down on a marker board and this build will be over with. Our main objective right now is to pass the final inspection and then it'll be time to move in! We cant wait to wrap this house up, and there's only one way to do it! With a bang! Cant wait to show ya'll what we have planned!!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • Fried chicken comes in the same container.

  • The extra bar stool will be needed behind the bar!!! They’ll need to sit while chatting too lol


  • Where is the dog u guys got when u bought that property?

  • In an attempt to make you feel better Billy. You are to popular to not have a strong deck, remember that for when you have a party lol. Great work!

  • I am still saying put the exact bar stool behind the bar. The bartender wants to sit down to. Just saying. Love you all mean it ❤

  • Need a cat to get the mice and now you need a dog to keep the fox out the hen house 😂😂😂

  • I love y'all videos keep your good work up

  • Outdoor fireplace between those posts

  • That electrician on the phone was like, shoot, these guys again

  • Use bedliner for the stairs so they are slippy

  • what about a dog????

  • Use rhino liner on the stairs

  • Ladybugs, or good to use in gardens. They keep pests away. And bring good luck

  • Make a couch with the front and back end of a non-running vehicle. Then put the subwoofer in the trunk. And when you want too watch a night movie the headlights come on.

  • Between the post put a water wall where water is behind plaxey glass that recycles back up. And at night it changes colors.

  • The jeep tho at 8:06👌

  • Cool cat: When Thomas the supervisor cat comes over and starts to check all you guys have done and he approves it.

  • Top top🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Hey guys, why don't you add an adult cat to the young cat? First, the little one will learn a lot from the older one and secondly, an older cat gets a nice home. This has always worked well for us.

  • I was kind of surprised when I saw the deck guys attach the deck to the house. Where I live they won't even give you that option because it's outlawed by the state.

  • Where is floppy ears... Or give us an explanation!

  • How about if you guys decided to go with foldable transparent flaps on the outdoor living space under the deck?? It would be nice and you wouldn't have to move the furniture whenever it rains...

  • 16:48 you need to replicate that style of the railing to the one outside. The wood and metal combo 🤌🏼

  • Need a door for stair case

  • A cool cat species to get would be a lynx

  • Cat + chicken = KFC

  • hello gays good job on your project 💯 they are creative in all their jobs

  • Bro literally just a couple of weeks ago I went to tractor supply and get the same exact beginner kit by the way just a heads up buy a different heat lamp bulb the heat lamp bulb that comes with the beginner kit is way too hot for the baby chicks

  • Beware of the wildlife in your area that may try to eat your chickens

  • Daaaaang son! ya'll got em chookens too..

  • please don't forget those chickens need at least 30 degrees celsius heat to stay alive for their first week, please consult a veterinarian for their needs especially for the first week, I bought some chickens to grow them up and I didn't know they need heat and it was in summer and one night I put them in front of the window, it wasn't cold around 20 degree celsius but it was cold for them and they all got cold and died, I hope the best for you guys, also there is an Iranian culture, it says when you are sleeping for the first time at night in a house whatever wish you make, gonna come true, don't forget to make your wishes before moving in

  • You guys should drill holes on all the steps that will help with how slippery it is


  • The chicks🐥 were the best in dis epizode I love chicks .. especially female 😁

  • Where are the cars

  • You guys need a tiger!

  • “Fresh natural eggs...” beats those artificial eggs

  • Pops is a chick magnet!

  • Why don’t you make an outdoor bar or bbq area between those two new posts?

  • Guys you could’ve built the chickens come on...

  • Finish the house first!

  • The thing with cats is that they bring the in the house

  • Tht tv idea 💡 is a great idea just build box tht goes on the wall for it don't get wet

  • So Thomas is going to be off the channel for good😭

  • Badass 🇲🇽💯

  • Build a fireplace there using those posts as a frame with the same stone you used on the rest of the house. Obviously, it'll have to be an electric one but that could look cool and complete the look. Fireplace down below, mounted TV on top.

  • i suggest putting griptape on your spiral stairs bc that thing will be slick

  • ya gotta keep pops on the channel !!!!

  • Looking good

  • Get yourselves a nice main coon cat!

  • ❣️❣️❣️🔥🔥

  • Need a better coop then that my guys look up Carolina coop on LVcd he builds chicken coops for a living

  • Hi! You should do a projector and a projector screen outside on the bottom deck!

  • Surprised you guys got by with lag bolts on the deck. My local code calls for post-dip galvanized hex-head thru-bolts with washers on each end and nuts on the other end inside the frame of the house. Thank your lucky stars you didn't have to tear out drywall to install them.

  • Nice! you bringed food for the snakes!

  • Pops needs a custom "DAAAAAANG DAD!" shirt

  • Lol they forgot they got it from one of there’s subscribers

  • Love Truck and Tractor Supply. Somebodies going for farm fresh eggs

  • Paint outside metal without a primer. Good job son!

  • Your dad so funny lol

  • Just take the posts down after inspection lol. That porch isn't going anywhere

  • Use the post to hang an outdoor tv lol

  • I dont know if you guys will see this but for the stairs out side putting a pice of grip tape on the stairs would help if there slippery

  • That staircase kills me... it's hideous. Could have just made wooden ones going down the side of the house.

  • Your dad doesn't seem to be an American, he is like our Indian dad

  • Can anyone recommend a home reno channel where they fix cars?

  • Today I was struggling with an ikea shelf, and those two guys that must be roughly around my age are building their own house! 😂

  • The coop is way too small

  • Dont buy a cat, adopt one

  • boyz when are you guys going to start your build - i guess this channel is all about new ... what you guys are doing is personal and you should keep thing separate from why this channel was created and what you guys are doing now .... Just a suggestion but I started to hate what personal things you guys are doing. you guys could have created a new channel for your personal things ..... just suggestion take it or leave it .....

  • I think them post should angle back into the house so they don't get in the way so much. I do believe that would have passed inspection. Could have made a call to make sure.. Not far into this video so I have not seen what you do yet. Great job on the house guys. You even ended up painting the house in the colors I liked 😁. I used to have a Masonry business and did alot of custom stone work and building retaining walls and was paid top dollar for my small company to do it over just about every other company anywhere around here. So please take this as a huge compliment that it is. When you young men said that you are going to build that stone wall in the back of the house. I know you men have a history in construction but that has nothing to do with a wall like that. People say they have watched them be built before and it didn't look to hard and said they could do that. But it's not about staking some rocks on top of each other like some think. It takes rare real talent to have the eye to put a puzzle like that together so that they fit tight to the rock below it and don't let lines from where the rock ended below the one above. But you young men just did an awesome job getting that stone wall built so very well.. Being that I was a very picky Mason. I have only given that compliment very very few times in my life. 🙌👍

  • Could’ve used black truck bed coating for the stairs to get grip

  • Where’s the new puppie not seen him since you got him.??

  • What about the dog?

  • Would be cool if you guys got in contact with the original owner of the house to see what they had planned to do vs what you guys did.

    • They mentioned it already. Original owner had this house built as a guest house for his mother who was ill. She unfortunately passed away, leaving this house and land in limbo for over 10 years. They got a deal and here we are.

  • I would definately NOT put a hot tub on top of that deck unless you reinforce it even more. A hot tub can easily weigh 3000-5000lbs once its filled with water and then you add 4-8 people in it.

  • You can build some gardening tools storage between those poles.

  • Bro. This episode was awesome. I have a very similar setup at my cabin. Pullits are great. We have 8 hens, 5 ducks, rabbits, dogs, a pig and a cow. We trap a lot of mice and rats with peanut butter on a pole over top a trashcan with 4" of water in the bottom. Works great. 😎👍

  • Get a Maine Coon cat! Theyre larger so theyll forsure be great for that property and scaring rodents away...and just as laid back and cool as Thomas!!

  • stain the stairpost and rails with minwax pecan stain. It will match the floor perfectly. also go back to He home depot and get some live animal traps for the coons or you can forget having chickens. Relocate the coons miles away.or like the bottles say "Dispose of Properly!!LOL

  • I hate it when I'm late to a video 😤

  • Where is the Doberman puppy y’all got a while back? Haven’t heard you guys mention him did y’all ever name him?

  • You talking with yours hands terreble

  • The chickens bring in more mice because of the food they eat. The cat will be doing double shifts 😂

  • Please adopt a cat from the nearest animal shelter or pound

  • I subscribed to your channel to watch you build cars not a house.

  • If you didnt already tell everyone on youtube, you could have taken the studs down after the inspector leaves..... 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • why are the post needing to be under the deck ? they have a header board that they are lagging to,

  • L.E.D lights on the center post of the stairs facing each step would look badass guys. Another thing you can do is like they do with boat deck surfaces. Put a semi gloss clear on the steps with course sand, volcano rocks crushed are black. Just a thought!!

  • If you can secure that pond in the woods, you can get geese as well. just be ware of the hawks.

  • Really wish we could get a video that I subscribed to this channel for. You know? Car builds!

  • the cat might eat or mess with the chickens and the house looks great

  • After your inspection take the deck supports down. They aren't necessary.

  • I still remember when u guys would go about repairing Lamborghinis

  • Once you pass inspection, hit the ole post delete button. That deck is going nowhere. Keep up the awesome work!

  • Welp, looks like pops is really happy with those little chicks

  • Link up Greg Woodstock from team aquascape a recreational pond is needed

  • Where's the doberman puppy you bought? Did you return it?