The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 60

Publicēšanas datums 12 jan 2021
This is unreal!!! We finished one of the most difficult trim jobs of this whole entire house! The staircase is now complete and ready for some rails. We are learning so much in the process and were super happy to share it all with you guys. Getting so close to having it all done and the end result is going to be epic!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • Scott seems like he'd make a good channel himself!

  • “Jake Bezos” lmaooo

  • 12:32 Wrong Guys, it's pronounced ma-thuh-ma-tuhks And i'm not even an English Native Speaker😂

  • Nothing wrong with a chevy . . . . . . . . An old chevy anyway

  • Wow heart felt this video Scott and the team super nice guys aswell as shaking pops hand right there is super nice hard working parents raised you right and the gold accessories are beautiful

  • Nice staircase you build guy's.,it's legit😃.,may i suggest you put a small door on the side so that you can enter inside of it.,If the pipe need to be fix inside of it.,

  • Big Scotty needs his own LVcd Channel.

  • I love me some Gold Handles.

  • The funniest part was when they were all matching

  • Billy with the 20:39 old Lip balm 😂😂😂

  • Don t get the volume up,when the music is on!

  • you should never use gorilla glue on wood or a finished surface

  • Oh my god. I have 2+ years in plumbing experience and after seeing them notice that incomplete plumbing under you stairs I literally said out loud "oh my god are you serious". I'm just so glad they caught it before boxing up the stairs completely and having no access to that. That would have been really bad if it went unnoticed

  • “Dang son” 🤣

  • I guess COVID cases in Tennessee are real low

  • That right there is bond house. Aka. Gold finger Awesomeness dude’s.

  • Use dowels to fix stair. Or mortise and tenon. End grain will Not glue period. The dowels provide some wood going the right direction.

  • Not a fan AT ALL of the gold

  • ford’s are shit

  • Y’all need to get a black marble looking glass on that bar area!

  • Be careful with those faucets pan sprayers guy they are notorious for leaking a lot if you keep it on high pressure they will leak from the base so be careful with it!

  • I think concrete countertops would look awesome with that bar sink and even maybe in the kitchen

  • The stormy moat sequently peep because hyacinth geometrically prefer about a acoustic question. vivacious, bored shape

  • Don't you dare forget about that Audi!!!!

  • HEY!!!!!!!!

  • Not going to lie... cringed just a little when they showed the gold faucet and hardware talking about a black sink and black and white granite. Hopefully it turns out looking good, I don't think I would have personally gone that route. 🤣

  • Scream in 7:41 omg

  • Yer gonna wish you went with silver hardware after a year!

  • I would have loved to see you do all black and white handles/faucets. That makes it look so modern. But hey, I'm happy to watch YOUR journey fellas!

  • Lol scott needs to do cameos from Time to time he is cool😎👍

  • I don't think that pipe went deep enough... you may have to recheck before you seal the stairs...

    • Nevermind... I see the repair..!

  • I cringed when they installed the cabinets without cleaning off the floor


  • That was pretty dang shit episode

  • Strange on these days you guys aren't using a face mask or covering! Be safe guys!

  • Yo where's the helicopter project

  • Bro thos are premade cabinets not custom cabinets 😵

  • You guys absolutely amaze me on every single video. I’ve been a fan since the beginning and you guys are truly inspirational. Keep it coming

  • Actually if you look, Chevy/GMC trucks has better specs than Ford..... currently Chevy trucks are just ugly. Well just the heavy duty ones.

  • Love everything you guys are doing but “Gold” in the kitchen?

    • It's back

    • The Gold is horrible! I can’t believe they sell it anymore

  • I miss and love when they say OEM ❤️

  • way too much white makes it look bland and if you tile the floor checkered b&w, you boys have weird/odd tastes

  • dat chevy in 4WS four wheel slip 😁

  • Mountain Dew: Nectar of the Tards ~Ace Carolla

  • Put a small door on the side at the bottom of the stairs.

  • I see y I can’t get a hoodie now!! WTF

  • I actually can’t believe they didn’t check all the plumbing, I never bought a house before but my sister did and after all the renovations she woke up that the water lines were all connected to one main pipe , that was managed but one random neighbour who was stealing from everyone instead of paying his share if that makes sense , you never know what you gonna find

  • I'm a self employed Master're going to regret that off brand faucet down the road. Black sinks...look like crap years later...I wish you would re-consider. Still absolutely loving the all the video's.

  • The house is looking awesome

  • 14:54 LMFAO he really thought you guys wouldn't know how 4WD works!!!!!

  • Love how you guys build relationships with the guys that help you out, super humble.....duuuuude!

  • Scotty can’t back up a trailer for shit lol

  • People from India would be proud of your fixture choices.

  • Hey goonzquad, loving the house and the videos. Was wondering if you could find out what that white marker/putty thing they were using on the cabinets around the 18:16 mark of the video. Those look like the same cabinets I have and i need some touch up stuff like that for mine. Thanks and keep up the great work!!

  • Spend a couple hundred grand on rentable heavy equipment. Save money gluing a stair tread.

  • Should’ve done a drain test to the new pipe before sealing off the stairs.

  • Those cabinets look like they came from a gypsy caravan!!! White and gold..... eugh.

  • 21:07 Precision 👍🏻😉

  • I give a 2 Thumbs up guys, Looks great.

  • Guys, please try using golden crushed silk color in one bedroom and see how great it looks, then paint the other rooms. It looks great in the kitchen. YOU WILL LOVE IT.

  • Bizede bi yardım etseniz hani maddi durum sıkıntısı var.

  • The fuck is going on with your guys mitres..!? They’re terrible, Jesus fuck 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • your cabinet installers could use some goonzquad camo wear...that appears to be their uniform

  • Awe like ur the work ur doing Why ur guys put solar panels

  • What is this guy taking? He is definitely tweaking lol

  • Are you guys ever going to resume rebuilding cars? I miss those days 😔

  • I foresee a future mudslide, everything going downhill...

  • On today’s edition of “Pimp my Kitchen”.....

  • Dont say oem say it looks to code sounds better

  • Nobody: Literally Nobody: Goonzquad after 5 years: The new Goonzquad Headquarter Part 800 😁😂😂😁

  • Congrats guys I've been watching you guys for a year not thinking it would have came this far I have a feeling soon Pops and The Boyz are gonna have a whole entire 200 acre land and have like 3 houses. LOL

  • Awesome house! First I thought u do everithing in carbon but gold looks great too and gives it something special.

  • 👍👌

  • Scott with the Hoyt Hat, he is trust worth AF! Y'all should add his SM account!

  • dude, you can't glue a step back together, order another one.....

  • Yall should do a G37 build!!

  • Unserscibed boys because I don't like the content anymore

  • literally stealing a name from a sea of thieves so low

  • Shoulda made those stairs kickboards black, now you will continually see scuffmarks from shoes on them .

  • Nice job so far guys, can’t wait to see more progress..will have to say house building or car building...I’m down for whatever awesome content y’all bring..keep it up..

  • Golden handles? Only people living in trailer parks have that here in The Netherland :-(. Definitely not my style.

  • The kitchen handles are gold because Eleazar's wife likes recipes which require 24 carrots.

  • There is no CTRL button on Pops' computer. Pops is always in control.

  • What's up too my Boyz, we got them same cabinets, and got a light granite pattern. We had green cabinets with black marble prior. The light marble is a lot easier to clean, it's like cleaning a mirror. You see everything.It makes the kitchen look bigger too.

  • don't get granite it sucks i have it in my house get quartz

  • You guys are gonna make my grandma jealous with all those gold handles

  • goonzquad and houses= JunkSquad

  • *precision

  • Jake bezos

  • Hey Guys ! You should use a wood floor screws to make sure that the stairs don't squeak as nails or staples will start moving over time ! Have fun !! Hello from UK ;-)

  • I just went on amazon, why tf are ice makers so expensive !

  • No need for a sink like that just for a small bar area upstairs (big enough for a commercial bar). A small electric dishwasher would have been enough. Also you wasted all of that storage space under the stairs.

  • was any kind of water/plumbing test done before all the walls were sealed up? Old plumbing connections, who knows where else issues like you found under the stairs are?

  • Do you need to grout the bathrooms prior to the sinks going in?

  • It might have been best to have sealed the stair treads before install?

  • Gold handles!!!!! Nooooo, as questionable as the GTR tail pipes and those wheels on the truck,

  • Should of put some lighting under the boards 👍🏼

  • you would have installed water leak detector under the stairs for safety

  • The 80’s just called..... they want their cabinet handles back.....

    • Gold is back, look at any magazine

  • My heart bleeds when i see all these nails in wood (stairs, trim, ...). Europeans would never use all these nails in visible areas.