The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 59

Publicēšanas datums 10 jan 2021
This kitchen is going to look super epic!!! We finally have the cabinet installers out here and they are putting in some work! We are looking to be right on schedule and within a couple more weeks we should have this sucker wrapped up. This project has been a challenge but I know were going to finish strong. Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • Happy to see the family helping out beautiful family beautiful house best of luck to you guys very inspiring

  • This video is the last one my dad watched before he passed away from Covid, me and him have been constantly watching you guys since you started. Thank you for making videos to bring us together.

  • Love the videos

  • Dangggggg. Those cabinets look awesome 💪👌 loving the look so sleek and loving the path haha lazy Susan 😂 love how the family comes together it’s awesome to see

  • All the stuff you guys did yourself and you hired someone to do the one thing that is easy lol. when I was 18 my first job doing construction on the very first day was helping doing the cabinet install and 25yrs later I installed my cabinets and another 21yrs later they still look and work great. The only thing I let someone else ( He was a builder ) do was the Crown molding around the tops of my cabinets and the moron face nailed it, Hickory Crown molding at the time cost me $100 for a 6' section. I bought new molding but still haven't replaced it after 20yrs lol.

  • It still blows my mind they haven't hooked up the power and HVAC yet, they have done everything bassakward.

  • Looks like the skinny cabinet Guy does all the Work thumbs m8

  • You can always count on family!

  • Can we have a name reveal for not billy? I’ve been waiting way too long for that.

  • Who are the young ladies ?

  • Cars....mods.... exhaust.....nah.... cabinets. This channel has gone to sht.

  • you're gonna wish you had gone right to the ceiling with the cabinets. That was one of the changes we made when we reno'd our kitchen and the extra storage for lesser used items is awesome.

  • I loved seeing your family working together!

  • When the house is done, could I come to the house-warming party? Lol.

  • Your parents have infectious smiles!

  • 6:22

  • Like a hand a router

  • Miter

  • Forgive me not dovetail but my dear so it makes the corners a nice shape

  • Take it all down and dovetail it

  • Coming along guys nice job

  • 8 inches on the riser 12 inches on the tread

  • Wheres the car content why most of us are here not for a dumbass house😂

  • Its a beautiful place congrats never give up Greetings from Mexico Im fun #1 I been watching all the episodes sice the first one👍

  • You guys need more concrete all around the house to keep it clean and all the cars too Maybe the road some asphalt

  • It's nice to see the wife and the sister up close for once

  • 666

  • I think it would be nice if you would at least introduce your family to us. That would be enough. They don't have to have speaking roles. ( Always looking for the next video! ) Good Job !

  • Both girls were cute. The one in the black looks a little young thou. But girly in the brown jacket, seems shy and soft spoken. I like em like that.

  • Dana 44s front and rear with 4.56 gears and lockers with 40inch boggers and XO cage with half doors and turbo and tune it with built transmission

  • Sick music From: your high community

  • Around the 3 min. mark standing in the doorway talking about the door trim, I think , there needs to be finish nails shot through the trim material and into the jamb to secure it and keep the jamb from twisting and moving over time.

  • That’s awesome when you have your family helping you guys out

  • LED on your stairs would be awesome

  • 👍🏻

  • Dang son I’ve been here since the Camaro

  • I would recommend building a wall from the cabinets to the roof because it’s hard to clean on top and it gets all sticky on top

  • I'd like to see some cars built.

  • Muchahas

  • Part 59 lol

  • You Guys can Maybe put some LEDs in the back of the Crown.

  • 🥰🥰👍

  • Check out "Finish Carpentry TV " youtube channel for trim videos. Best ive ever seen.

  • Love the progress of the house but when y’all gonna bring back the cars that every one wants to see?

  • 🗣🗣Yooooo.....homegirl in the brown beanie is pretty asf!!!!

  • Is there anything you guys can’t do? Looks fantastic!

  • Love you in a broo way. 🙂

  • Can't wait for this house to be done, so we can see car builds again!

  • It will be a great advance the day that you asphalt the entire area in front of the house ... with so much rain, all the time you are surrounded by mud.

  • Guys go back to cars. I had to take a break from you guys .. this house stuff is cool but that content is old

  • We need Scotty in the videos

  • She did not look happy to paint 🤣💀😂

  • It’s cool to see such useful dudes in their 20’s. I enjoy watching this more than cars, odd to say lol.

  • Wow th logo what happen????

  • This series are too long when it started I was at entering my last year to finish my degree and now I'm about to graduate as an engineer lol and still this goes on. Just make it documentary and sell it to Netflix or something

  • Must be nice to meet some very famous LVcd legends in person.

  • You guys got everybody working on this video, heck even the next door neighbors are here to help......

  • Your parents are too cool!!!!

  • Ur channel is dying

  • That chunky kitchen fitter seemed safe as fuck. Id like to go to a bbq with him and drink some beer.

  • Should have gone to the ceiling with the cabinets. Looks slap dash now.

  • When a house becomes a home

  • You guys are just so intelligent, excellent work👌

  • C'mon guys fess and things are boring you are going into real estate development and home fixer up stuff with pops and brother.

  • Who else notices how whenever he talks he does the same hand patterns in ever video 1-expansion hands 2- he throws a rock with his right

  • @Goonzquad Guys rebuilt a wrecked Tesla it will be way cool. *Who else standing with this opinion.

  • Anyone else worry about the lack of glue they put on anything before nailing on the trim etc? haha

  • What a beautiful family ! I'm glad you're united and helping each other !

  • You guys should try to rebuild a chevy suburban or a Tahoe or something like that

  • can you get back to cars cos its getting boring

  • Ето уа лублу дивится ви малаци

  • Hey when is the next boat video coming

    • @Blaize Crozier 😊

    • @John Stedman oh well I’m in Australia so it’s summer here

    • Both of the Goonzquad boats have been 'winterised' and placed in covered storage, as is normal with such watercraft. They will probably be brought back into use around Easter, depending on weather conditions.

  • I have built houses from the ground up I know what can be done n can't be done

  • why didn't you boys just spray the primer it would of nbeen faster n rinse machine you could painted it up

  • Tell Simon I said hi

  • "Stairway to Headquarters" lol ;)))


  • what kind of white paint you use?

  • 7:57 yooo goonzquad is lit !!! They even hired jesse pinkman

  • Like the Jeep do it the Goonzquad way All your Jeeps so far have been great Than go to Popeyes and get some Rip’n Chicken

  • Almost monetize on LVcd need more watch hours I got 3623

  • Buy ( c.a glue ) for outside corners ..on trim


  • Getting burned out on the house really liked you guys rebuilding cars !

  • @goonzquad you guys bought the same cabinets as my house has

  • @TimGlass

  • some nice under cabinet lights would be nice .... a cool idea is led strip in the kickboard or behind the crown molding

  • Word of advice goon squad be careful using the red paper on floors it can potentially stain your floors !

  • Spice it up with a Feature and race those trails

  • Stove vent is where?? You guys are doing some amazing stuff

  • Teamwork makes the Dream work! Its really coming together! Love it!

  • U need to start from the bottom to top in order to screw riser into back of tread.

    • FYI Silicone trim is the wrong word being used. It’s caulk( latex ).

  • Slapped that kitchen together.....

  • Not too late to nail trim to jambs, jus sayn

  • Why is the top cabinet so low?

  • So no need to texture the walls???

  • Three vehicles that you guys have I wish I had one starts with limbo is one and the other two is the jeep and the Nissan skyline

  • goonzsqaud you did amazing

  • waiting for part 200

  • What do y’all use to edit y’all’s videos